The revolutionary technology which introduces the concept of production efficiency, evolving from a programming tool to a Programming System


FlashRunner 2.0 technology is revolutionary not only for its performances in terms of fast programming speed, but also for the technological leap that it represents, introducing the concept of production efficiency.

SMH is exclusively focused on technology for the programming of microcontrollers and memories: its decennial experience led to the evolution from a simple programming tool to an actual programming system which finalizes and completes FlashRunner’s performance.

The production environment continuously seeks efficiency, productivity and quality. These necessities are covered from FlashRunner 2.0 family which, thanks to its high flexibility and universality, offers a complete range of products from 1 to 32 independent and parallel channels.

A complete series of peripheral features allow a deep evolution, which is similar to the changes that have involved the information and communication technology (phone and TV): namely the migration from a simple tool that guarantees its basic function to a complete and interconnected smart system.

The key-concepts that summarize FlashRunner 2.0 technology are:


Production control panel
Programming times and statistics
Interface libraries
Connections pinout


Project wizard
File transfer management

Firmware and software updates

Windows, Linux and Mac compatible GUI software interface


Encrypted FRB files to avoid binary hacking
Dump and compare features of all channels

LOG file and Production Report file

User Permission Management

Tracking of programming cycles number

Errors with language descriptions

Software Features

FlashRunner 2.0 is based on Linux Embedded operating system, which relays on a real time scheduler and a full featured hardware abstraction layer.
FlashRunner 2.0 is featured with software interfacing libraries which enables customers to achieve a full integration inside their software and across different frameworks, as LabView© and Visual C/C++.

A new, friendly and interactive GUI (Graphic User Interface) which cut off overall configuration efforts, guiding customers creating a working project in few mouse clicks and detecting mismatches between target device and customer firmware, as well as power supply setup.

8 channels universal, parallel and independent

16 channels universal, parallel
and independent

Hardware Features

  • Easy fixture integration thanks to the compact size: 170 x 83 x 19 mm (without slave board), 170 x 83 x 30 mm (with slave board);
  • Independent ISP channels supporting several communication protocols (JTAG, SPI, I2C, BDM, UART…);
  • 8 digital I/O lines for each channel, coupled with dedicated ground return lines;
  • Two programmable output voltage lines;
  • 1 GB on-board Dynamic Memory;
  • On-board timekeeper and calendar for time-stamped log file;
  • Fast Ethernet interface up to 1 Gbit/s (optoisolated, autocrossing feature);
  • USB-UART communication interface (optoisolated);
  • Fixture dedicated Control interface for standalone mode (optoisolated);
  • Power voltage and current measurement for each channel;
  • Integrated control for optional Relay Barrier tool;
  • Two 48-pin DIN In-System Programming connectors;
  • eMMC and NAND memory support:
  • Up to 256 GB storage memory;
  • Operation status LEDs for each channel;
  • USB communication interface (optoisolated).

2.0 Licenses Categories

Single Licenses
FlashRunner 2.0 Standard Programming Algorithm Mass Market – 8 channels
FlashRunner 2.0 Standard Programming Algorithm No Mass Market – 8 channels
Silicon Producer License
FlashRunner 2.0 Programming Algorithms for a selected Silicon Producer – 8 channels
All Device License
FlashRunner 2.0 Programming Algorithms for a selected Silicon Producer – 8 channels
“Package” Licenses to be chosen within one year from invoicing date
FlashRunner 2.0 Programming Algorithms package with 5 licenses free choice – 8 channels
FlashRunner 2.0 Programming Algorithms package with 10 licenses free choice – 8 channels
FlashRunner 2.0 Programming Algorithms package with 15 licenses free choice – 8 channels
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Technical Support

Purchasing a product is only part of solving your programming needs. We know that you must count on professional help should the need arise. FlashRunner is sold and supported by a worldwide network of resellers and system integrators, comes with a three-year warranty and is backed up by knowledgeable and fast technical support. Additionally, our engineers are available for custom designs and validation reports, to help you start up your projects and providing you with accurate programming flow certifications.

Device Support

Our supported device list is daily updated and counts more than 6000+ items already. However, if you still can’t find the device you are looking for we offer you a development service which meets your needs. Every request will be handled in order to meet your production deadlines in time.

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FlashRunner 2.0
Relay Barrier



FlashRunner 2.0
Relay Barrier – 8 channels

FlashRunner 2.0
Relay Barrier



FlashRunner 2.0
Relay Barrier – 16 channels

FlashRunner 2.0



FlashRunner 2.0 Demultiplexer
from 16 to 32 channels


FlashRunner 2.0 Cable Interface


FlashRunner 2.0
Cable Interface 8 sites

FlashRunner 2.0 Cable Interface


FlashRunner 2.0
Cable Interface 16 sites

FlashRunner 2.0 Cable Interface


FlashRunner 2.0
Cable Interface 32 sites for Demultiplexer


FlashRunner ISP Special Cables

FRCABLE 50/80/100

FlashRunner ISP Special
communication cable
50 / 80 / 100 cm long


FlashRunner Header


FlashRunner Header DB 15

FlashRunner Header


Header Wire Wrap Strip

FlashRunner 2.0 User’s Manual

FlashRunner 2.0 Programmer’s Manual

FlashRunner 2.0 System Software

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