FlashRunner is a universal, In-System Programmer dedicated to the production environment

It is the result of a long-lasting experience in developing ISP programming solutions for Microcontrollers and Memories


FlashRunner High-Speed combines high-level programming performances and high modularity to obtain a Multi-end programming solution that fits the needs of Pre-Programming and In-System Programming equipment.

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The revolutionary technology which introduces the concept of production efficiency, evolving from a programming tool to a Programming System.

FlashRunner 2.0 is a highly flexible solution available in 2 different hardware configurations: 8 channels and 16 channels.

8 channels universal, parallel and independent

16 channels universal, parallel and independent

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FlashRunner LAN 2.0 Next Generation programmer belongs to the most advanced Technology.
This model is designed to be integrated in fixture: a tiny, compact and flexible system able to program up to 4 different targets in parallel.
It is available in two versions: open frame and closed frame.

1 to 4 channels,
open frame

1 to 4 channels,
closed frame

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FlashRunner Traditional Series is a universal solution to be employed in the production environment, R&D area or Lab applications.


FR Quattro

FR Cube


FR 01AT0

FR 3070A

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