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Following SMH Technologies’ successful launch of their new powerful Programming Technology presented during the International Expo Productronica in Munich (Germany) last November, the management decided to personally meet, with its own distributors, thirty-one major international players in different countries from the Asia/Pacific area

This gave SMH Technologies’ team the opportunity to present Flash Runner 2.0, the innovative programmer that assures three years of technological competitive advantage in the industrial programming environment, directly on site.

SMH’s Management went to South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Shenzen and Shanghai and respectively visited among others Hyundai Mobis, USI, Delphi, Valeo and Kostal who displayed us kind hospitality and a high level of interest.

These several customers demonstrated their strong interest in this new technology and in the various opportunities offered by its integration in their production environment. Effectively, they had the chance to obtain a broad perspective regarding both the resolution of current problems and a wider outlook of the possible development, in the view of continuous improvement.

Special thanks also go to Flextronics, based in Shenzen, and its team of twenty-five test engineers who attended the company’s presentation and displayed a high level of interest.

Technicians from the R&D departments had the chance to perform tests and follow DEMOS on site; they showed appreciation for the user-friendly FlashRunner 2.0 WorkBench GUI, which allows the system’s configuration in a few clicks, for the fastest programming speed available on the market and the cutting-edge technical advantages of this new programmer.

Their deep interest was shown by asking many questions regarding the opportunities of this innovative application, which can now resolve and respond to needs that the previous technological solutions were not able to meet.

The technological evolution that goes from a simple programming solution into an Integrated Programming System, which is represented by Flash Runner 2.0 in the best industrial environment, has opened the possibility to the standardization of current programming solutions.

SMH Technologies has demonstrated once again by tangible facts its specific mission and the payoff of acquired knowledge being the leader in ISP.

Finally, SMH Technologies would like to thank all its business partners, clients, and people that made this business trip to Asia a wonderful success.