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Recognition in the International press for FR PXI A3, first in the world programming solution for PXI system.

SMH Technologies was the protagonist at PXI Technical Day held on the 15th of April 2015 near Paris and organized by the PXI-Group France. During this event, there was the exhibition of the FlashRunner FR PXI A3, the first in the world In-system-programming solution for PXI, a breakthrough in all the PXI system modules.

The presentation of the FlashRunner FR PXI A3 in a technical information seminar for engineers and managers in the areas of development test and production, has received wide press coverage (e.g. two links)

Article on the French Magazine ‘Measures’

Article on the French Magazine ‘Electroniques’

The PXI technical DAY (focusing exclusively on the the most popular in the world modular platform of Test, Measurement and Automation) included also many conferences and an exhibition of the latest developments, but without a doubt we can say that FR PXI A3 was the product innovations of this year, as recognized from the large audience of journalists, engineers and technicians attending the event.

SMH Technologies has also recently joined the PXI-Group France and the PXI International Association (PXISA) and now is the reference for PXI and In-system programming. For this reason, SMH Technologies is also present with the main article of the last PXISA newsletter of April 2015.

PXISA April Newsletter

The main article in the newsletter PXISA is a case study on how to introduce programming algorithms in microcontrollers and serial memories present in a circuit and simultaneously test the electronic boards using a PXI ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) system.
The solution arrived with FlashRunner FR PXI A3, the world’s first programmer for PXI systems, the first ISP programmer “True Parallel” and universal in the PXI standard that allowed us to program simultaneously a large number of microcontrollers and serial memories to be inserted into a chassis along with other modules of measurement and testing.

for the detailed reading of the PXI Case Study please click here

photos: PXI Technical DAY 2015