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FlashRunner™ In-System Programmer (ISP) line from SMH Technologies supports  PIC16LF1554 from Microchip;

SMH Technologies is a global, independent, high-tech leader in Silicon Device In-System Programming and related services for the electronic boards manufacturing industry. The FlashRunner series, the company’s professional Silicon Device In-System Programming platform, is the result of the decennial experience in micro-code encoding for several processors.  This month SMH Technologies is pleased to announce the support for a new microcontroller of Microchip company.

The PIC16LF1554 micro controller delivers unique on-chip features for the design of mTouch™ and general purpose applications in 14-pin count packages. Up to 11 analog channels connecting to two 10-bit ADCs with automated hardware CVD modules, two PWMs and multiple communication peripherals offer an excellent solution to implement capacitive sensing and other front-end sampling applications with minimal software overhead. It is programmable using FlashRunner through ICSP programming protocol. FlashRunner helps our customers enhance quality, save time, and optimize manufacturing cycles.

SMH Technologies continuously improves their products by releasing new programming algorithms weekly.
Thanks to FlashRunner’s flexible and modular design, the same algorithms can be used on all of the models.

In this internet page you can find the device list for Microchip