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FlashRunner programmer supports Cypress PSoC 4 BLE product’s family and contributes with a significant role during the events “Cypress: PSoC4 Workshops”

SMH Technologies was present at the events “Cypress: PSoC4 Workshops (introducing BLE)” held in Milan in January 2015, and in Padua and Bologna in February 2015, in cooperation with Arrow Europe and Cypress Semiconductor.

Mr. Giovanni Salvador, Software Engineer at SMH Technologies, directed an important presentation related to programming technologies.
The many year experience of Ing. Salvador got the attention of the participants in particular for the application of the industrial programmers FlashRunner, the high potential, strictly related to Psoc4, for which programming algorithms are already supported.
Such success could be achieved thanks also to the important business relationship that SMH Technologies has with Cypress Semiconductors.
Another high interest topic for the participants was the description of the characteristics of FlashRunner FRPXIA3 the first universal programmer in the world that support the PXI standard communication.