FlashRunner Multisites

True Parallel in system programmers

The best complete solution for programming multi-PCB panel assemblies.


Technology applied for multi-site programming has rapidly evolved during the last years, starting with FR04 introduction, the first In-System four-sites independent parallel programmer, that can be demultiplexed up to 16 channels. Afterwards has followed FRCUBE. This product with two, four and eight parallel (not independent) channels, even designed for programming multi-panel PCB.

The most important development using the advanced technological knowledge has been achieved with the new FR 2.0 the faster programmer. This innovative product lets you to program up to 16 parallel channels and independent, reducing the programming time by at least 2.5 times compared to available existing systems in the market. The applied technologies of the new FR2.0 ensures at least three years of competitive advantage over the competitors.
More information about FR 2.0 are available from our Distributors and Sales Partner.

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The revolutionary technology which introduces the concept of production efficiency, evolving from a programming tool to a Programming System
Multi PCB Panel Assemblies4 fully parallel in-system programming channels demultiplexing for a total of 8 or 16 ISP ch.
Standalone ISP up to 8 identical device in the same panel 2 / 4 / 8 ISP channel systems
8-SITE sequential Programming engine (RS232/LAN)